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I'm sitting here thinking about how fast my life seems to be going...sometimes, so fast that I feel like I can't even catch up. I wish there was a pause button. Or even a rewind button. I just want to relive moments. Those moments that make me jump-on-my-bed-happy. Those moments that I realize how small, yet crazy significant my life is. Those moments that I’m so very thankful for all the trials I’ve faced and how I’m so much better for each one of them.

But even more, I want to remember the little things. The details. The way my little four year old scrunches her face when she’s thinking really hard about what she wants to say. The way my Grandma and Grandpa still hold hands after 60 years of marriage. The way my son’s shoelaces always seem to find themselves untied, no matter how many double or triple knots I put in them. The way my flowers reflected God’s beauty on my wedding day, each petal perfectly blossomed. The way my love gazed at me as I walked down the aisle. The wonderment and loveliness that surrounded each one of my pregnancies. Those first few moments when I got to hold my brand new baby and experience her life outside of my own. The important things. The moments and details that really make up my life and who I really am.

And I strive to capture those very same kind of moments in your life. If you’re looking for a more traditional approach to your photo session, then you’re talking to the wrong girl. In some cases, I will simply make every effort to be a fly on the wall, just there to capture the real moments, so that you can later look back and feel like you CAN pause your life. Just for a second. And I won’t prompt you to say cheese because I want your real smile. I want to capture the real you. Your real life. And the real details that make it what it is.

I can’t wait to pause your life.