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January 21, 2009


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Amy  Neal

I love them! I love the cars flying by! SO FUN. You did good lady.
And I love how you fuzzed out me and Jon in your 365 today! Delicious.

ashley bugg

amy...thanks! I too love those flying cars...
OH! and so funny that you say delicious b/c I originally had as my caption "a little workout today...delicious." seriously. not kidding.
and I just was messing around in PS with all the fuzzing.

Amy  Neal

So delicious must be our word!!! I love all the fuzzing. and I'm checking out your 365 today. That's what I do. Check your 365. Everyday.


Oh, those are so cool. Love the median pic and the one of him solo on a chair in street. Yeah..that is what it feels like right out of high school.

Mary Marantz

nice! love the ones with the chair!!

ashley bugg

Amy, Mary -- thank you *so* much!!!

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