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April 21, 2009


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These are so beautiful!!! I love the way you captured the emotions of this family. So awesome. My fav is the little girl in B&W. Great work :)

Mikayla Dedrick

I love it too!!! I LOVE the last one one of the little baby!

Christina AKA FandangoChica

Seriously?! No way I'm the first to get the 'lobsters' reference!! The fact that I could probably quote the whole thing either makes me incredibly cool or a total nerd! :) If I name "Friends" as the reference, do I get the high five?? Or do I need to actually say that it came from the One where Ross and Rachel actually get together? (Hehe, "do the claws again") Oh, geez, I AM a dork! Haha, and I'm introducing myself here? Wow...
I found you on the [b]school from a comment and clicked through to your blog, and I've had so much fun looking at your blog that I totally forgot which comment made me click through to find you! And I'm going to go add you as a friend on the bschool and hope that my dorky ability to quote entire episodes of friends (really, I could, but I'll spare your comments section ;) ) doesn't keep you from accepting me!

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