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July 03, 2009


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Kristen miller

Sorry it took so long but I wanted to wait until I could devote the time needed. Thank you for your beautiful words, it seems like you always know when I need some encouragement. You made me cry even again after already reading this. I can't tell you how much it means to have you capture my family they way I see them, you capture all the love I feel and it's almost like you see into my heart and can hear how truly precious my family is and how much they mean to me. you guys have amazing talent and I am so proud to have your family as our friends. Anyone can take a picture but you take a moment in time and make it into a work of art. Thank you for seeing my family the way I see them and making that last forever. You inspire me every time I am around you. I am so grateful for you and our friendship and the friendships that our family share. Your girls inspire Hannah and have brought out her creative side. Hailey with the coloring and Evie with the acting. I love our boys! I am so glad Cole he has an escape from all things girly and has a partner in crime doing boy things.
Thank you Buggs, We LOVE you!

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