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August 11, 2009


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Nancy Wills

The yard sale was at Timberlake Ranch, Ramah New Mexico
Your items are beautiful, as well as the model. But some might say I am a little prejudice, after all I am your mother.

ashley bugg

awe!! thanks mama! :)

and yes, while *I* purchased the items in Ramah, the yard sale was INTENDED for Zuni. and plus, zuni just sounds more impressive. :) "I went all the way to Zuni, NM to get this vintage doiley."


Everything looks great Ashley! Congratulations to you and Promise! Happy selling/making of super-cool things! :)

Mikayla Dedrick

Oh, my, goodness Ashley!!!!!! These pics are so beautiful! Congrats on the pics and stuff.

Hope to see you soon!!

amanda thiessen

these are great!

Mikayla Dedrick

just wanted to hi. so hi!!!! hows life goin? excited much?

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